Personal Mentorship

Personal Mentorship

Be 导师ed by a full-time faculty member in your field.

It’s one of the hallmarks of a Drake 教育: strong relationships between professors and students. You’ll connect with an experienced, full-time faculty member in your field who knows you well, has your best interests at heart, and guides you toward your goals. He or she will also collaborate with you on projects and actively seek out great experiences to help you stand out in your field while graduating on time.

The result is a college experience full of valuable opportunities before and after graduation.

What makes it possible

  • Small classes: An 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio leads to more individual attention.
  • A culture of 导师ship: In 2017, 83 percent of students indicated they had a 导师 relationship with a faculty member.
  • 教师 with experience and connections: 教师 are active in their professions, whether they are consulting with organizations, publishing re搜索, attending conferences, or networking in the community. They are the perfect people to help guide your path and connect you to great opportunities.


  • Career guidance and connections: 教师 provide valuable connections to experiences and opportunities while you’re in school and after graduation.
  • Enduring connections: Even after you enter the workforce, faculty members will often remain connected and serve as resources, 参考文献, and sounding boards as you navigate through your career.


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